307 Realignment 101: The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignment

307 Realignment 101: The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignments

Context, structure, and funding of realignment in California
307 Realignment 101:  The Basics of 1991 and 2011 Realignments      

This course examines the history and rationale for establishing it in 1991, why programs were included, what was learned, and the expansion to realignment in 2011 – all updated with program and funding changes through 2016.  Participants first examine the establishment and programs of the 1991 realignment. Discussion details health and human services and mental health programs. Participants explore individual programs, how they work, funding and current status. The course examines the 2011 realignment – including AB 109 – with an emphasis on public safety programs. Details on the realigned programs, changes to 1991 realignment services, implementation, funding and how counties are implementing the 2011 realignment are all discussed.  The class features a detailed examination of fiscal issues: structure and allocation of local funds; flow of funds in human services, public safety, health, behavioral health, and other programs; forecasting and tracking realignment, VLF and Prop 172 funds; fund growth; and other fiscal issues.

Instructors: Diane Cummins, Special Advisor to the Governor on State and Local Realignment; Andrew Pease, Finance Director, San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency; and Robert Manchia, San Mateo County Human Services Agency.

10/29/2020 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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