347 IT-Led Business Innovation

347 IT-Led Business Innovation

Innovation is anything, but business as usual.
347 IT-Led Business Innovation 

Innovation in public sector organizations is typically focused on cost reduction and internal service optimization, rather than driving top-line growth through disruptive technologies, as is the case in the private sector. In order for County IT departments – and CIOs – to take their position as innovation drivers, they must move beyond the effective delivery of core services and become true strategic partners; the business must look to IT for input on solving business problems and driving the organization forward. This course is designed to help County IT leaders to gain and manage the time, resources, and processes of innovation to use IT staff ideas and enable organizational innovation. They will learn to assess IT alignment with the organization, understand the innovation management process, gain and develop organizational diversity of experiences and idea exchange capabilities, and enable strategic resource allocation. Leaders will learn how to move from trusted IT operator to organizational innovator.

Instructor: Steve Monaghan, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Nevada County.

8/13/2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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