353 Mastering Social Media Basics

353 Mastering Social Media Basics

The 211 on social media 101 to avoid a communication 911
353 Mastering Social Media Basics

Confused about social media, which platforms are right for you, how to find time to manage it, what to post? This class will help you understand what to focus on, how to implement it, and ways to quickly create compelling content using the latest photo, audio and video techniques! You will explore popular social media sites along with concrete tips, tools, apps and hands-on interaction that will help you become a social media Ninja (or at least have more confidence!). Valuable whether you’re a newbie or seasoned practitioner you will go away with knowledge and techniques to implement immediately.

Instructor: Kerry Shearer is former Sacramento County Public Information Officer and a consultant specializing in social media.

12/10/2020 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
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