129 Intergenerational Leadership

129 Intergenerational Leadership

Juggling a workforce with teens to seniors – leadership for everyone
129 Intergenerational Leadership

For the first time in history, we find ourselves working with people from five generations.  In today’s workplace, we have to understand, communicate and interact with people from different eras, different values and habits, and fundamentally different ideas about life! This class focuses on understanding and practicing how to integrate deeper generational insights into practice.  Participants do self-assessments of their eras and their own values.  They profile their work environments to discern the complexity of the generational mix. Most importantly they learn a unique set of skills and processes to employ when encountering people whose values, habits and business practices may be at odds with their own. This workshop provides participants skills to blend generations to get the best from everyone.

Instructor:  Larry Liberty, Ph.D. works with Fortune 500 companies and teaches in MBA programs across the globe, and is the author of The Maturity Factor – Solving the Mystery of Great Leadership

8/26/2022 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Virtual Course

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