377 Building & Maintaining a Strong Work Team

377 Building & Maintaining a Strong Work Team
Together Everyone Achieves More
377 Building and Maintaining a Strong Work Team in the New Normal
Concerned about staff morale and productivity?  Want to improve confidence levels and ownership of work products? Curious about how to strengthen trust and respect among team members?   A great team is not just a group of great individuals but, more importantly, how they work together. A cohesive team can make the difference not only between success and failure to achieve organizational goals, but also between a work environment where staff take pride or feel resigned. Creating a sense of team has never been more challenging resulting from a combination of dramatic changes in the work setting due to COVID19, unprecedented job losses, the impact of the national racial reckoning and polarized political environment, leaving many feeling isolated and uncertain even when employed.  This workshop will help you to work with staff in: identifying and building on their own strengths; setting a vision and purpose to achieve a clear sense of teamwork; creating a safe environment where team members feel comfortable and confident enough to take risks and learn from mistakes. The session is designed around an asset-based approach and will support team leaders in employing coaching strategies towards building a cohesive group.

Instructor: Lucy Hernandez, CEO & Principal Strategist at Lucy Hernandez Consulting.
10/21/2022 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Virtual Course
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