Upcoming Courses

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CampusCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Tulare396396 State Budget 101: What Counties Need to KnowElectivePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins and Jean Hurst11/1510:00 AM03:30 PM19SF396TU
Sacramento378378 Storytelling and Other Leadership Practices in the Art of PersuasionElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat11/2210:00 AM03:30 PM19SF378SA
Sacramento342342 IT Performance Metrics and Customer Value ManagementElectivePolicy and GovernanceValence Howden12/1210:00 AM03:30 PM19SF342SA
Sacramento370370 Performance Measurement and Management: AccountabilityCorePolicy and GovernanceLaree Kiely & Bill Chiat12/12-13/1910:00 AM03:00 PM19SF370SA
Santa Cruz112112 Bridging Contentious CommunitiesCoreLeadershipDavid Landis12/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF112SC
Sacramento113113 Tackling Nagging Problems with Purpose, Outcomes and IntentionalityCoreLeadershipMary Kirlin12/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF113SA
San Diego122122 Leadership by Values: Strategies for Success in Public ServiceCoreLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan12/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF122SD
Sacramento360360 Manage Conflict (Even Hostility) in ComfortElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.12/1910:00 AM03:30 PM19SF360SA
Tulare120120 Art & Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDr. Frank Benest12/2010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF120TU
 127127 Practitioner’s Guide to Hiring, Developing and Retaining Great EmployeesCore John Mineau02/0710:00 AM03:30 PM20WS127SA