346 IT Executive Cybersecurity

346 IT Executive Cybersecurity

Information security is about sustainability of the county
346 IT Executive Cybersecurity   

The technology of today has completely unleashed information in terms of volume, variety, and velocity, and as a result, information has become more critical than ever to competitive, strategic, operational, and even personal decision-making. This also means an organization’s information is that much more attractive to someone on the outside, and many outsiders have malicious intent. Advanced persistent threats are already here, and the increasing numbers and use of mobile devices and cloud storage only heightens exposure by increasing the number of potential attack points. This course provides county IT leaders with knowledge and tools to achieve a comprehensive understanding of where counties are at risk for security threats and attacks, how to prioritize and build out security initiatives, the technology available to establish end-to-end protection, and how to ensure compliance from the weakest link in any security system – the human user.

Instructor: Steve Monaghan, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Nevada County.

12/10/2020 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

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