Upcoming Courses

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Course FormatCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Virtual Course396396 State Budget 101: What Counties Need to KnowElectivePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins and Josh Gauger04/1509:00 AM01:30 PM21WS396AL
Virtual Course326326 Reimagining the World of WorkElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D. and other state leaders05/0709:00 AM01:30 PM21WS326SA
Virtual Course151151 Financing California Counties: The HistoryCorePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins05/1309:00 AM01:30 PM151WS21
Virtual Course153153 Labor Relations and Negotiations in Local GovernmentCorePolicy and GovernanceRichard Whitmore and Richard Bolanos05/1409:00 AM01:30 PM21WS153RS
Virtual Course360360 Manage Conflict (Even Hostility) in ComfortElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.05/2009:00 AM01:30 PM21WS360AL
Virtual Course137137 Initiating, Navigating, and Negotiating the Dynamics of Change in County GovernmentCoreLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan05/2109:00 AM01:30 PM21WS137SA
Virtual Course131131 Leading for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in County GovernmentCoreLeadershipNicole Anderson06/04-18/2109:00 AM01:30 PM21WS131SA
Virtual Course338338 IT Organizational CultureElectivePolicy and GovernanceSteve Monaghan06/1009:00 AM01:30 PM21WS338SA
Virtual Course379379 Beyond Survival: Best Practices for Personal Readiness and ResilienceElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely & Rich Callahan06/1109:00 AM01:30 PM21WS379SA
Virtual Course377377 Building and Maintaining a Strong Work Team in the New NormalElectiveLeadershipAdèle James06/1709:00 AM01:30 PM21WS377AL