335 IT Driven Organizational Change Management

335 IT Driven Organizational Change Management

Strategies to move technology changes forward
335 IT Driven Organizational Change Management

As municipalities continuously improve the services they deliver to constituents, county staff are constantly confronted with (and must adapt to) modifications in existing processes, required contribution in ongoing projects, and the introduction of wholly new programs. These changes are highly disruptive, and will create chaos in a hurry if not properly managed. Fortunately for organizations, the majority of today’s continuous improvement initiatives are powered in some way by technology, which makes IT departments the ideal candidate to centralize organizational change efforts; including standardizing the “change process”, optimizing over time, and driving home the benefits realized to specific stakeholders. By taking this course, municipal IT leaders will gain the skills and tools necessary to identify their county’s current change management performance quality, issues and pain points that must be addressed, and best-practice processes, projects, and programs that make the most sense to standardize on, with particular focus given to tracing intended benefits from start to finish – and ensuring cultural and behavioral factors are considered along the way.

Instructor: Nate Greenberg is the Director of Information Technology in Mono County.

8/11/2022 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Virtual Course

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