392 World Class Contracting, Contract Management and Procure

392 World Class Contracting, Contract Management and Procurement

Manage county resources effectively and efficiently
392 World Class Contracting, Contract Management and Procurement

Every County or public entity requires the effective procurement of goods and services in order to successfully achieve its mission, business objectives and meet the needs of its constituents. This class provides insight into fundamental principles of public contracting and procurement, the role of contracting and procurement within your organization, as well as, best in class strategies which lead to effectively and efficiently meeting your requirements. Discussion will cover the principles and key elements of contract management and procurement process, and will provide participants a broad understanding of various contracting approaches, best practices, and will discuss practical examples of contract monitoring tools and templates. Prior and during this session, participants will be invited to submit specific contracting and procurement situations and questions, which they would like to be discussed during the session.

Instructor: Jack Pellegrino, CPCM is the Director of Purchasing and Contracting for the County of San Diego and an Instructor at San Diego State University. He is a Certified Contracts Manager.

6/9/2022 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
CA 94533
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