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CSAC Institute Winter-Spring 2023 Course Guide  

Course FormatCampusCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Virtual CourseStatewide123123 Strategic Planning: Crafting and Leading Planning ProcessesCoreLeadershipAngela Antenore, M.Ed.06/0109:00 AM01:30 PM23WS123SA
Virtual CourseStatewide348348 IT Extend the Service DeskElectivePolicy and GovernanceTrevor Gregg06/0809:00 AM02:30 PM23WS348SA
In-person CourseHumboldt389389 Communicating and Presenting Complex Issues and DataElectivePolicy and GovernanceDeb Hunt, Ph.D.06/0810:00 AM03:30 PM23WS389HU
Virtual CourseStatewide128b128b Emotional and Social Intelligence: The Really Hard SkillsCoreLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.06/0909:00 AM01:30 PM23WS128BSA
In-person CourseVentura359359 Negotiations: A Framework for Generating Positive OutcomesElectiveLeadershipMischelle Causey-Drake06/0910:00 AM03:30 PM23WS359VN
Virtual CourseAlameda367367 Communicating for Results: A Best Practices for 21 Century LeadershipElectiveLeadershipLarry Liberty06/1609:00 AM01:30 PM23WS367AL
In-person CourseFresno120120 Art and Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDr. Frank Benest06/1610:00 AM03:30 PM23WS120FR
In-person CourseFresno354354 Customer Service in the Public Sector: Balancing Satisfaction with PrioritiesElectiveLeadershipAngela Antenore, M.Ed.07/2110:00 AM03:30 PM23SF354FR
In-person CourseFresno380380 Talent Development and Succession PlanningElectiveLeadershipDr. Frank Benest & Donna Vaillancourt08/1810:00 AM03:30 PM23SF380FR