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CampusCourseTitleReqTopicInstructorDateStart TimeEnd Time
Santa Cruz112112  Bridging Contentious CommunitiesCoreLeadershipDavid Landis08/1510:00 AM03:30 PM19SF112SC
Sacramento113113 Tackling Nagging Problems with Purpose, Outcomes and IntentionalityCoreLeadershipMary Kirlin12/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF113SA
Sacramento116116 County Budgeting and Financial PlanningCorePolicy and GovernancePatrick Blacklock09/2710:00 AM03:30 PM19SF116SA
Tulare120120 Art & Practice of Organizational LeadershipCoreLeadershipDr. Frank Benest12/2010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF120TU
San Diego122122 Leadership by Values: Strategies for Success in Public ServiceCoreLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan12/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF122SD
San Diego124124 Leadership & Change:  Practices to Move People and OrganizationsCoreLeadershipBill Chiat09/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF124SD
Tulare124124 Leadership & Change:  Practices to Move People and OrganizationsCoreLeadershipBill Chiat,09/2010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF124TU
Sacramento125125 Polish Your Presentation: Advanced Practices in CommunicationCoreLeadershipBill Chiat09/0510:00 AM03:30 PM19SF125SA
Sacramento126126 Engaging Employees for SuccessCoreLeadershipFrank Benest & Donna Vaillancourt11/0110:00 AM03:30 PM19SF126SA
Santa Cruz126126 Engaging Employees for SuccessCoreLeadershipFrank Benest & Donna Vaillancourt10/1710:00 AM03:30 PM19SF126SC
Sacramento133133 Polish Your Writing: Professional Practices in CommunicationCoreLeadershipMary Krlin, DPA08/1510:00 AM03:30 PM19SF133SA
Sacramento150150 Local Governance in California: All Those Agencies!CorePolicy and GovernanceBill Chiat08/3010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF150SA
San Diego151151 Financing California Counties: The HistoryCorePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins10/1110:00 AM03:30 PM19SF151SD
Sacramento155155  Capital Improvement Planning and Alternative Approaches to FundingCorePolicy and GovernanceAndy Freeman09/2610:00 AM03:30 PM19SF155SA
Sacramento307307 Realignment 101:  The Basics of 1991 and 2011 RealignmentsElectivePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins, Andrew Pease and Robert Manchia10/24-25/1910:00 AM03:00 PM19SF307SA
Santa Cruz323323  Resiliency: Build an Organization to Recover, Adapt and SustainElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat09/1910:00 AM03:30 PM19SF323SC
Shasta/Tehama323323  Resiliency: Build an Organization to Recover, Adapt and SustainElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat09/1210:00 AM03:30 PM19SF323SH
Sacramento324324 How to be Human at WorkCoreLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.10/1110:00 AM03:30 PM19SF324SA
Sacramento335335  Optimize IT Change ManagementElectivePolicy and GovernanceValence Howden08/2910:00 AM03:30 PM19SF335SA
Sacramento342342 IT Performance Metrics and Customer Value ManagementElectivePolicy and GovernanceValence Howden12/1210:00 AM03:30 PM19SF342SA
Sacramento346346 IT Executive CybersecurityElectivePolicy and GovernanceManish Kothari10/1010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF346SA
Sacramento352352 Making an Impression: Effective Media PracticesElectivePolicy and GovernanceDavid Liebler and Betsy Burkhart10/1710:00 AM03:30 PM19SF352SA
Shasta/Tehama354354 Customer Service in the Public Sector:  Balancing Satisfaction with PrioritiesElectiveLeadershipAngela Antenore, M.Ed.08/0810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF354SH
Santa Cruz356356 Negotiations and Collaboration in Complex EnvironmentsElective Laree Kiely, Ph.D.07/1810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF356SC
San Diego357357 When Bad Things Happen: Managing the Media in Crises and EmergenciesElectivePolicy and GovernanceSheri Benninghoven, APR and Scott Summerfield11/0810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF357SD
Sacramento360360 Manage Conflict (Even Hostility) in ComfortElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.12/1910:00 AM03:30 PM19SF360SA
Shasta/Tehama360360 Manage Conflict (Even Hostility) in ComfortElectiveLeadershipLaree Kiely, Ph.D.10/1010:00 AM03:30 PM19SF360SH
Tulare363363 Thinking Strategically in Trying TimesElectiveLeadershipDr. Rich Callahan10/1810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF363TU
Sacramento364364  GASB Financial Reporting RequirementsElectivePolicy and GovernanceKenneth H. Pun,09/1310:00 AM03:30 PM19SF364SA
Tulare369369 County Financial Reporting and Budgeting for Nonfinancial ProfessionalsElectivePolicy and GovernanceLaura Lindal, CPA07/1910:00 AM03:30 PM19SF369TU
Sacramento370370 Performance Measurement and Management: AccountabilityCorePolicy and GovernanceLaree Kiely & Bill Chiat12/12-13/1910:00 AM03:00 PM19SF370SA
Sacramento377377 Facilitation Skills: The Basics of Bringing People TogetherElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat08/0810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF377SA
Sacramento378378 Storytelling and Other Leadership Practices in the Art of PersuasionElectiveLeadershipBill Chiat11/2210:00 AM03:30 PM19SF378SA
Sacramento392392 World Class Contracting, Contract Management and ProcurementElectivePolicy and GovernanceJack Pellegrino11/0810:00 AM03:30 PM19SF392SA
Tulare396396 State Budget 101: What Counties Need to KnowElectivePolicy and GovernanceDiane Cummins and Jean Hurst11/1510:00 AM03:30 PM19SF396TU